Water Treatment Chemicals

Chemicorp is well positioned in the water treatment business and technically geared to tailor-make solutions to any water treatment requirements. Every situation is analyzed based on the elements present and a unique solution is offered. We supply chemicals for Boiler Treatment, Cooling Tower and Portable Water Treatment as well AS Effluent Treatment.

Below you will find some of the water treatment chemicals we supply:

  • Aluminum sulphate
  • Flocculant
  • Ferric sulphate
  • Ion exchange resins
  • Calcium hypochlorite 65%
  • Sodium hypochlorite 15%
  • Hydrogen Peroxide 50%
  • Hydrochloric acid
  • Phosphoric Acid
  • Sulphuric acid
  • Bac 50 / 80
  • Activated carbon
  • Poly aluminium chloride (p.a.c)
  • Chlorine Gas
  • Sodium sulphite