Chemicorp is a leading supplier of high quality chemicals with its Head Office in Barberton, Mpumalanga and warehouses in Jet Park, Boksburg and Barberton.


  • Maintaining your Stock Levels

ChemiCorp will establish your monthly chemical requirements and hold sufficient stock to ensure timely delivery when an order is placed. We understand that our clients do not always have the time or ability to order well in advance. To eliminate possible downtime, our sales representatives will engage with your staff to allow us to hold minimum stock levels at any given time.

  • All Onsite Assessments

Our staff are well equipped to do site visits to establish how we can service your requirements more efficiently. We are able to set up on-site facilities should the volumes justify the expenses. Our knowledge on chemicals allows us to present on site solutions for your company that allow for efficient and effective use of our products.

  • We Deliver

ChemiCorp has a fleet of hazchem approved vehicles that allow us to deliver your order to your premises. Instead of worrying about transporting hazardous products, let ChemiCorp deliver to your premises.

About us

Who We Are?

Founded in 2011, ChemiCorp has experienced exponential growth since its inception. It is fast becoming a leader in supply of commodity chemicals especially to the industrial and mining sectors.
Our international network enables us to supply quality products at the most competitive prices while enabling us to maintain a reliable and flexible service at all times. Our commitment to quality is a philosophy that extends to all facets of our operations.

There has been steady expansion of ChemiCorp in terms of product portfolio and physical presence in our target area. With ChemiCorp, customers don’t just purchase products or services, they also form an association that lasts for years. The management policy of ChemiCorp is centered around Customer Satisfaction. We believe that it is far more important to gain customer’s trust than to win an isolated deal. To this effect ChemiCorp has invested substantially to bring quality products to its customers.